In establishing the link between cancer and sugar, one thing surfaces: fasting

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Human beings have evolved a long way. We no longer live in the era of hunters and gatherers. There was a time when food was not readily available. Now, everything is in abundance. We, as a race, have come a very long way.

So, are there any repercussions?

There is a constant debate among researchers, whether the cancer was rare in ancient times or not. A report by two egyptologists concludes that there is “a striking rarity of malignancies” in ancient human beings. Others debate its correctness; There was not enough diagnosis for cancers like breast and prostate. In addition…

Beautiful? Check. Fun? Check. A stable job? Check. Love life? EH?

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I broke off with my High school sweetheart over text. Many years later, I broke off with this other dude in college as a tarot reader told me he’s going to cheat on me if he hadn’t already.

Yes, this is what little it took for me to break up with someone.

I have been single most of my life. And I have dated plenty of men. From this, one can go ahead and calculate how short-lived each of the affairs was. In retrospection, I loved each of them and wanted to make things work. …

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Whether you are all set to celebrate the season with your boo — elaborate dinner plans, chocolates, cards, gifts — or you are single and meeting that hunk you met online, a couple of lascivious tracks as backup won’t hurt. You know, in case things escalate to a carnal intermingling dance, you would want a perfect tune to match the rhythm of passion. Let me curate the perfect sexy songs to skyrocket your libido for this valentine’s so you could paint the town red with love, romance, and those other things.

1 “Precious Possession”- Anna Wise

The alternative R&B…

A Poem

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I suffer in
getting in touch with
my feminine — 
The sacred Yin, the intuitive
High priestess
Because I have always been
The go-getter or have been in
the go-getter from as long
As I can remember,
I was told times are changing
And I thought that meant
I could be more like a boy
I felt I had to be that way
And discard my softer, gentler
Natural self.
Now its 4 am and some
twenty years later
I lay alone, struggling to
Find a middle ground with the
Boy I love
Because his Masculine is as distorted as
Mine feminine
And we both stand empty-handed
In front of each other with
Tsunami love inside
But not finding a way to flood
In each other waters
Restless we roar
To find a
Calming ,


A love letter to my unappreciated friends…

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The wide bowl
Has enough depths to
Hold popcorns in
Streaming brooks of
My weeping eyes

The burns on the pan
Exhibits heat and smoke
Of my stressful day

The coffee mug is my
Ever forgiving friend
Even though I fractured
his hand,
By being careless, as I’m
Many times with
bones of my friendships

The slender spoons
Have been touched by
My many lovers
Bearing testimony to
The fervor while feeding
Midnight ice creams

The scars on the wok
Mimics that of mine
As we learned together
how new appetites leave
Blotches on the beauty
But bakes you right

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Her sinful breasts and
Enchanting curves carved
By bloodthirsty demons
Are a bait for your men
You try to instill submission
When you couldn’t,
You instill fear of
Her dark locks nothing
But a witch’s web.
She intercourses with the devil
Produce unearthly offsprings
That you look forward banishing
From your blood barns

The screaming shrieks
When your men force their genitals
Inside of her is a numbing cacophony
For your red-clotted eardrums
Shameless, you call the same high- pitched screams a mating call to
devils and satan
The blood-soaked veil is treacherous
And she’s an adulteress
When her protector’s blood bares
Her torso…

A simple mantra which will take you places in life.

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Once, I heard an influencer saying in an interview, “Always produce more than you consume”. I did not know of her previous work, but this phrase stuck with me. I am a fan of podcasts and interviews. It doesn’t matter if they talk about my interests or not, I have a weird fetish of listening to others’ journey. I did not understand what she meant by that phrase back then. …

A poem

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Melting with just a single
Touch, my skin craves your's
Roughness and raw
I could feel the longing,
My goosebumps pointing,
In your way
Wanting to be soothed and
Fondled by your paws.

Your hands on my waist
Strong and firm,
Just like my devotion
And determination to be
With you till the end of
this realm

Your breath on my skin
Havocs the ocean
Building within,
Touch of your love
Breathes in life-
In my dull being

It isn’t sexual,
Rather sacred. It is not
about your manhood
and my femme fatal:
You carry a warmth,
which silences all storms
Melt all the icebergs…

That there is more to life than ego, anger, resentment, hatred, envy, and jealousy — being alive

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Amidst all this chaos, it is excellent that humanity is standing beside each other. Just in a matter of a few months, the world has experienced something we never dreamt of happening in real. Sure, we saw countless movies and series on Apocalypse or a virus that becomes a threat to humanity, but it never occurred to us; this could become a reality one day.

The country I live in, India, is on the verge of shut down. People have started working from home and have stocked up their homes with necessary items to survive in the coming days, weeks…


Keeping a keen eye on humans. BBA ✔ , and studying for LAW. When not writing, you can find me humming to some song, daydreaming, or plowing up research.

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